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What the papers say 21 February 2017

Global weapons sales are booming, if you'll pardon the expression. François Fillon is going to make France healthier, while knocking 20 billion euros off the health budget. And Donald Trump tells us what Thomas Jefferson really thought about newspapers…

rfi English, Feb 21


What the papers say 20 February 2017

Like him or loathe him, Donald Trump has firmly established himself as the staple diet of news editors everywhere. This weekend the billionaire businessman president was in Florida, among his own people. There were 50,000 of them. Anything less is fake…

rfi English, Feb 20


What the weeklies say 19 February 2017

Domestic politics once again dominates the front covers of most of the weekly magazines.…

rfi English, Feb 19


What the papers say 18 February 2017

What would happen if the papers failed to mention either Donald Trump, François…

rfi English, Feb 19


Death of most wanted French jihadist confirmed

DNA test results have confirmed that a jihadist, described as France’s most…

The Local, Feb 15


French-loved artist Jiro Taniguchi dies…

Jiro Taniguchi, a legend in Japan's comic art of manga, died in Tokyo on Saturday…

France 24, Feb 12

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