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What the papers said 21 May 2018

Should the rest of Europe be afraid of Italy's anti-system coalition government; and is sex abuse an inevitable part of the humanitarian package? Right-wing Le Figaro gives pride of place this morning to Italy. Later today, an anti-system alliance between…

rfi English, May 21


What the weeklies said 20 May 2018

Power play by Donald Trump and Middle East war-mongers leaves the volatile region on the brink of another bloody war. Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem which sparked angry Palestinian protests and a bloody crackdown by…

rfi English, May 20


What the papers said 16 May 2018

The papers vent outrage at Israel’s shooting of Palestinians protesting the…

rfi English, May 16


What the papers said 15 May 2018

There is a tragic similarity to the front pages, dominated by deadly clashes in…

rfi English, May 15


What the papers said 11 May 2018

How dangerous for world peace is Donald Trump's decision to withdraw US support…

rfi English, May 11


What the papers said 10 May 2018

French commentators join world leaders in a scramble to blast Donald Trump's scrapping…

rfi English, May 10

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