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French weekly magazine review 22 January…

Round up the usual suspects. Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Mickey Mouse and Uncle Tom Cobbly are the people, once again, hogging the weekly front pages. Le Point gives the front page honours to Emmanuel Macron,…

rfi English, Jan 22


French newspaper round-up 21 January 2017

It's hard to avoid the 45th president of the United States, inaugurated on Saturday against a background of distrust and division. Donald Trump will be in charge for the next 1,460 days. Get used to it! "Trump's victory galvanises American feminists."…

rfi English, Jan 22


French newspaper round-up 20 January 2017

The seven contenders for the left-wing presidential ticket had their third and last…

rfi English, Jan 20


French newspaper round-up 18 January 2017

Headlines are all about Donald Trump raging against Europe; Theresa May’s…

rfi English, Jan 18


French newspaper round-up 17 January 2017

US politics is making the headlines with most focusing on Donald Trump who will…

rfi English, Jan 17


French weekly magazine review 15 January…

Everything you need to know about the new world order . . . it's the old world order,…

rfi English, Jan 15

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