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Worst rains since 2005 in Languedoc

LanguedocLiving, Jun 12

A 74 year old woman was rescued from her car, as the water in Moulézan, Gard, rose to a level where she couldn’t get out.

Firefighters came to her rescue on the D123 on Monday. The Courme River had burst its banks, and the woman got stuck in her car on the road.

She was taken home without injuries. Meanwhile, residents were paddling through the streets in the town.

Elsewhere, the rains fell so heavily in Montpellier on Monday, that the Lez burst its banks all along the Antigone area.  

In Marseillan, the roads were flooded, causing chaos on the roads.  At Loupian, pompiers had to rescue someone at risk from rising waters, and at Agde, two people had to be rescued from their car.

Cars were travelling at 130 km/h on the motorways, even during the flash floods, causing great risk to themselves and other cars on the roads.  

If you get caught in heavy downpours, please watch your speed!


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