15 tons of fruit and veg seized in Montpellier

Illegal markets in Montpellier France 3

15 tons of fruit and vegetables have been seized from an illegal market in La Paillade, Montpellier.

On Saturday morning the goods were seized during a large-scale operation, putting an end to an illegal market that has been installed for several months.

National and municipal police worked together to close this “wild” market.

For months and months, traders in the Halles de la Mosson in Montpellier have complained about unfair competition.  Street vendors from Spain were offering goods to residents of the neighbourhood at very low prices.  On Saturday morning, the police intervened to put an end to the trading. In total, nearly 15 tons of goods were seized as well as two vehicles.  Four people were taken to the police station.

Some of the goods were unfit for consumption but the rest were distributed to humanitarian associations in Montpellier. The Red Cross and the Food Bank have been able to redistribute foodstuffs to their beneficiaries.