1918: when Toulouse mourned its dead and planned the future


At the approach of the centenary of the armistice ending the First World War, Toulouse is remembering the dead and wounded.

On November 11, 1918, the people of Toulouse celebrated the end of the war. In the four years of horror, Toulouse lost 3,898 people. A gigantic mausoleum was erected at Salonica cemetery to honour their memory.

In total, in Haute-Garonne, nearly 13,000 men didn’t return home.

One hundred years after the armistice, the pink city is remembering with an exhibition organised by the Toulouse Municipal Archives. It opens from October 24 to November 18. With a tablet at their disposal, visitors can go in search of their ancestors or family friends. From the name, they have access to the date and place of birth, death, regiment and rank.

You can see more about the exhibition here.