200 truffle trees ruthlessly massacred in the Lot

Pierre Gilbert, truffle grower

The owner of more than 250 truffle trees in Fons, Lot, was in despair this week, when he found that they had all been cut down in a deliberate attack.

Pierre Gilbert said “I could barely breathe when I saw the destruction to my eight year old trees.”  The trunks had been sheared off, presumably with big pruning shears.

The young green oaks were a little over eight years, and were just old enough to start producing the precious truffles.

“It’s not just the loss of my truffle trees, it’s the loss of all the time we’ve spent for each tree…” Pierre said with emotion.

It only took a few hours of vandalism to wipe out all of Pierre’s work for the last eight years.  The destruction of the trees over one hectare was systematic and merciless.

An investigation by the Figeac police is underway.

Source: France 3