2016 Crémant de Limoux, Les Graimenous, J. Laurens


2016 Crémant de Limoux, Les Graimenous, J. Laurens   10.10€

Crémant de Limoux offers such great value compared to Champagne, and I would so much rather drink a good Crémant de Limoux than a cheap champagne. 

This is the classic Limoux blend of 60% Chardonnay, with 30% Chenin Blanc, 5% Mauzac. which is the traditional grape variety of Limoux, as well as 5% Pinot Noir.  It has been aged for at least fifteen months on the lees and has developed a lovely rich creamy flavour, balanced with refreshing acidity.   

It will make a perfect celebration for Easter, or for that matter, any other occasion.   The name of the cuvée means weeds or bad grass in Occitan. 

They also make a delicious Blanquette de Limoux, as well as a rosé, and other Crémants.

J Laurens
La Digne d’Aval
Limoux 11300


By Rosemary George.  Read more from Rosemary on her blog.