2017 Domaine les Caizergues rosé, Les Magnarelles


2017 Domaine les Caizergues rosé, Les Magnarelles – 7.00€

By Rosemary George. 

We all tend to think that the best rosé to drink is the most recent vintage, but that does not always follow. 

I recently visited Domaine de Caizergues, up in the hills near the picturesque village of Brissac.  The property has been bought by an English couple, Pat and Bob Middleton, who are making their third vintage this year.   

With time for a quick tasting, we compared the 2017 rosé and the 2018 vintage of the identical wine; they were both made in exactly the same way, from the same blend of Carignan and Grenache Noir.  And I much preferred the 2017.  The fruit was still fresh and ripe, with rounded raspberry flavours and some herbal notes, whereas the acidity in the 2018 was still very marked.  So if white wines age, why not rosé?

Nearby Ganges was an important centre for the production of silk and the magnarelles were the women who looked after the silk worms.  The names of the other cuvées follow the same theme, with les Tisserands or weavers and les Amoriers, which is the Occitan for mulberry frees.

Domaine de Caizergues,
Brissac 34190
Tel: 04 67 73 71 83


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