3 people sentenced to prison for violent robbery


Two men and one woman, all around 20 years old, were sentenced to a term in Perpignan prison for violently robbing a tourist at the old station. The 43-year-old was brutally kicked before the assailants stole his money.

The attack and robbery took place one evening at 6pm.  A tourist was approached by the young woman. The 43-year-old man offered her food. The man took a bundle of bank notes out of his pocket to pay for a sandwich for the young woman. She then alerted her two accomplices, who are already known to the police.

The group of four chatted for an hour, and then suddenly the two men tackled the tourist to the ground, and started kicking him. They stole his money, a sum of €460, and his phone before fleeing.

Throughout the attack, the young woman watched the scene.

Thanks to the collaboration of the railway police, the girl was quickly found and questioned by the Anti-Crime Brigade, who found the phone on her.

In custody, she acknowledged her participation in this aggravated theft.

One of the young men was found, but whilst he confessed to the beating, he denied the theft of the money.

Thanks to CCTV, the second man was found, and subsequently also confessed to the violence, but not the theft of the money.

The two men were sentenced to 12 months in prison, and the woman got six months with a suspended sentence.