3,000 bio Grenache vines vandalised near Béziers


More than 3,000 organic Grenache vines were vandalised and destroyed, just days before the harvest was due to take place.

Alban Boyer, a young vigneron from Puissalicon, Hérault was horrified to find almost 3,200 vines were deliberately cut a few days before the beginning of the harvest.  This represents 5,000 litres of wine.

“It was supposed to be my second production, but now it’s all over, I’m going to lose at least 5,000 litres of wine this year, without even counting the losses for next year” said a sad Alban Boyer.

According to the vigneron, the damage took place on the night of 15 August.  “The vines were cut 30 centimetres from the ground…it’s pure vandalism.”

A complaint has been filed with the police, and they are looking for witnesses.

Source: France 3