21 year old stabbed in Montpellier for helping women


A 21 year old man intervened in an argument in Montpellier, and was seriously wounded.

On Sunday night, on rue Maguelone near the Saint-Roch station two men were harassing  two women.  The 21 year old man intervened to help the women, and one of the men stabbed him, before running off.

A witness explained, “the girls were being bothered by the two men, the passerby went to help them but one of the guys knifed him.”

According to France Bleu Hérault, the young man lost a lot of blood. Firefighters arrived quickly, and transported him to the emergency unit at Montpellier University Hospital.

On Monday morning, the state of health of the victim had stabilised, according to a source close to the investigation.

The aggressor is still on the run, and Hérault police are looking for him.

Source: France 3