Karnaval des Gueux is being banished from Montpellier city centre


Jacques Witkowski, prefect of Hérault, has decided by prefectural order to ban the holding of the “Karnaval des Gueux” in downtown Montpellier. This decision was based on the troubles and violence during previous versions of the carnival.

In the last two years there was damage to property (signs, shop windows, vehicles, bins on fire) and, more serious, altercations with passers-by, motorists, and attacks on the police resulting in injury.

A prohibition perimeter has been determined in conjunction with the Montpellier town hall.  In addition, the mayor of Montpellier has decided to close the Laissac and Castellanes halls from 7 pm.

Any violation of this decree exposes offenders to the sanctions provided for in articles 431-9 and R 644-4 of the penal code.  The organisers can be imprisoned for six months, and have a €7,500 fine.  Participants could be fined €135.

Source: France 3