60 year old woman dies from an Asian hornet sting

An Asian hornets nest. Pixaby

A 60 year old tourist, on holiday in Gironde, died last week from an Asian hornet sting.

The drama took place last Wednesday, late afternoon, in Grayan-et-l’Hôpital (Gironde).

She was going to retrieve the mail from the mailbox at the bottom of the garden, when she was stung by the hornet.

She had a bad allergic reaction.  The victim could not be resuscitated, despite professional help.

The nest of hornets located on an electrical pole nearby was later destroyed by firefighters.

Single hornet stings are not in themselves fatal, except sometimes to allergic victims. In severe cases, allergic individuals may go into anaphylactic shock and die unless treated promptly.  Multiple stings by non-European hornets may be fatal because of highly toxic species-specific components of their venom. 

If you are attacked by multiple hornets, you should avoid running away because they can fly faster than you can run.  They are also interested in moving targets.  Crouch to the ground, stop moving, and cover your head.

Source: Midi Libre, Wikipedia