A good plan for food waste


10 million tons of food gets thrown away in France every year.  That equates to each person throwing away over 100kg of food a year in our country.

Today, 10% of food waste comes from businesses and distribution. Nothing in the law requires them to redistribute the unsold food, but thanks to some specialised companies, some outlets are redistributing food, either through gifts or sales.

At La Poissonnerie du Bonheur, in the Saint-Cyprien district of Toulouse, they said ‘we never liked to throw away food that is still consumable. Historically, it was given to employees or the homeless, but since last year, we have been on the application “TooGoodToGo”. As soon as products approach the deadline of consumption, we package them in batches and sell them several times a week via this application, at a price three times less than the ticket price.’

Today, 103 merchants are registered on the TooGoodToGo app, which has redistributed 25,000 meals, thanks to 7,000 users in the pink city.

Other companies invest in donating to associations. Merling cafés, based in Montrabé, have been working with a partner company for over a year. The Phénix company ??specialises in waste management. It organises daily collections of fresh and dry products, which are no longer marketable because they are too close to the expiry date. The food is still fit for consumption, and it gets donated to charities.

The effect is significant: more than a ton of products have been donated to associations since the beginning of the year, the equivalent of nearly 3,200 meals.