A mischief of rats in Béziers


Every city has rats, and Béziers is no different.

More than 7,000 rats were “neutralised” in 2018 in Béziers. “Neutralising” rats is apparently the politically correct way of saying 7,000 rats were killed in Béziers.

Rats proliferate everywhere in the city, and for the last two years Suez, who is in charge of the water and sanitation networks for the Agglo Béziers Méditerranée, has set up rat traps.

In all, 7,080 rats were “neutralised”, but the problem is far from solved. Since the beginning of 2019, 665 rodents have been killed. Suez has installed 80 traps in sanitation networks. For better efficiency, the traps are mobile.

Last Autumn, rats made a bit of a stir in the news. A disabled bedridden woman was bitten at home by rats in the Champs-de-Mars district in Béziers. At the time, no-one could agree who’s fault it was.

Agglo and Suez are meeting to work more effectively against the brown rat. It needs to be a two-pronged attack – the sewer networks aren’t the only issue, it’s the rubbish in the street which attracts them too. The two companies have agreed to have a quarterly meeting to coordinate their action plan in the city.