Achillea crithmifolia


This week we are featuring two different plantings of Achillea crithmifolia, a tough and useful ground cover plant.

Also known as Yarrow, it grows to around 10cm high with soft evergreen foliage. It can make a great ’tapis-vert’ either mixed with other ground cover plants, for example thyme, or left to form a carpet on its own, with an occasional cut to keep it flat.

If left to grow naturally Achillea crithmifolia will become more mounded (whilst still spreading) and will form attractive flat heads of cream flowers in May and June.

Once established it is fairly heat and drought tolerant, will take some partial shade and can be occasionally walked over.

According to legend, Achilles’ soldiers used yarrow to treat their wounds, hence some of its common names such as allheal and bloodwort.

Imogen Checketts provided these photos and plant details, and you can find more about her here.