CSF Languedoc – advances in cancer cure and care


A presentation by Prof Jean-Bernard Dubois

A presentation about advances in cancer cure and care was arranged by CSF-Languedoc, supported by La Ligue Contre le Cancer’s delegation in Thézan-lès-Béziers in the Hérault. This was delivered on 25th June by Prof Jean-Bernard Dubois. (Prof Dubois is a radiation oncologist with 45 years of experience treating cancer patients, including as Director General of the Institut du Cancer de Montpellier (ICM) for 15 years and he is now President of La Ligue Contre le Cancer Comité in the Hérault),

The presentation, delivered in English, began with two key facts:

  1. There is an increased incidence of cancer (+33% in the last 10 years)
  2. There is a reduced mortality rate from cancer (reducing by 150,000 per year: -2.9 for men and -1.4 for women)

Over the next 1½ hours, Prof Dubois provided a huge amount of information about the improvements in diagnosis, treatment, research and prevention that underlie those facts. Key advances include:

  • Diagnosis now includes the infra-clinical stage (ie before identifiable symptoms are present), and use of mass or selective screening, including PAP smears, PSA test, hemoccult test etc
  • Surgery is now delivered using keyhole and robotic methods and recovery time is much shortened
  • Radiotherapy is now much more accurate in terms of targeting and dosage
  • Chemotherapy uses new drugs, some which can limit or halt cell growth and/or division, and uses combination delivery systems to be much more targeted
  • Immunotherapy allows for more targeted chemotherapy and radiation therapy and in some instances, the option to genetically modify and re-introduce cells as ‘killer cells’
  • Research includes all disciplines of diagnosis, treatment and prevention (including genetics, virology etc), and there is now greater focus on ensuring that research responds to clinical need
  • Prevention work has broadened to avoidable factors, including nutrition

The presentation was enthusiastically and expertly delivered and very well received. The 87 attendees, included representatives from CSF Sud de France and CSF Provence-Gard, and the impressive event venue was generously donated by the Mayor of Thézan-lès-Béziers free of charge. The Mairie also organised guided tours of the village during the morning before the presentation, and reduced sugar tea-time snacks were made available by CSF-Languedoc, with drinks provided by La Ligue Contre le Cancer’s Delegation in Thézan-lès-Béziers.

Detailed notes of the presentation are available for anyone wanting a succinct overview of the key advances being made in cancer cure and care. For a copy of the notes, please email Jenny Guest at ccc.csflanguedoc@gmail.com. A brief report about the village tour, and recipes for the snacks provided, can also be obtained from Jenny on the same email address.

Source: CSF-Languedoc