Alain Vogel-Singer, mayor of Pézenas placed in custody


The mayor of Pézenas, Hérault, Alain Vogel-Singer, was placed in custody on Wednesday morning.

He is currently being questioned at the offices of the SRPJ at Montpellier, as part of an investigation for illegal interest and favouritism relating to a real estate transaction.

According to Midi Libre, this investigation follows a complaint filed in 2018 by the association “Bien Vivre à Pézenas” and relates to a real estate transaction.

The mayor of Pézenas has already been sentenced in 2017 with a €6,000 fine and three months suspended prison sentence.  He appealed his conviction.  He was found guilty and the fine was upheld by the Montpellier Court of Appeal on October 2nd, the suspended prison sentence was dismissed.

The facts go back to 2012-2013.

In September, the current mayor announced his candidacy for the 2020 municipal elections.