Albi is ready to receive Tour de France cyclists

Hotel Orléans housekeeping

The Tour de France cyclists will spend three days in Albi from July 15th. Hospitality professionals are preparing to welcome them, and in particular one hotel is getting ready for some of the more bizarre requests from the cyclists.

At the Grand Hotel d’Orléans, in the city centre, everything is ready to receive the sporting giants. The establishment is expecting three teams along with their staff. This is not a first for the hotel, they have hosted the teams several times when they’ve been passing through Albi.

This year though, also includes a rest day, and the hotel will need to cater for 80 fairly demanding people.

The kitchen have their work cut out, making sure they have the right quantities of organic products, gluten free, white meat, good raw vegetables etc.

Each team comes with their own nutritionists and chefs, and the hotel supplies the kitchens of course, plus additional staff to support the teams’ chefs.

Housekeeping have their share of additional requests too, not least from the darling of the French public, yellow jersey Julian Alaphilippe and his team, who will be bringing their own mattresses specially designed for speedy recovery.

“At first, I thought it was a joke,” said Anne-Marie, head of reception. In 35 years of work at the grand hotel in Orléans, she has seen hundreds of cyclists, but it’s the first time she has received such a request.

After their rest day in Albi on Tuesday, 16 July, the cyclists will take to the road again and head for Toulouse.

Source: France 3