“And darkness fell upon the land…”


Reader Jackie Savage wanted to share her poem with you.

And darkness fell upon the land, with huge clouds that raced across the sky
The world was cloaked in a blackness so deep that the people could not see
Fear was strong enough to smell
Watching their neighbours, they backed away and hid in case they gave a part of them that could make them die
Fear that became as dangerous as the blackness that held them all in awe
Warmongers and harbingers of doom flew to the fore
Spouting out lies and words of admonition, none of them informed all taking their places on the stage, creating a web of lies and laughing behind their backs

And the people would now starve or so they thought and it made them angry and they fought
Each other mindlessly for food
Although there was no famine or drought and although their actions were foolish and they knew
They lost their senses and could not stop themselves
And the war raged on

But some of these people caught hold of the tail of Hope, seeing a light in the far distance and clung on for dear life
Though water rose to drown them they raised up and up towards the sun with hands that held each other and held on tight
Reason came like a shining beacon and they sang out and called to each other to make others hear
And finally, as they continued towards the shining sliver of safety, they raised their voices to cry
We will win this battle, we are strong and brave and wise, and not foolhardy any more

It will pass

By Jackie Savage