And the winner is…?

‘Lauragais: Steeped in History, Soaked in Blood’

It’s time to find out who the lucky winner is of a signed copy of Colin Duncan Taylor’s book ‘Lauragais: Steeped in History, Soaked in Blood’!

Thanks for all of you who took part in the quiz that Colin created.

First of all, here are the answers, highlighted in bold, and congratulations to those of you who got all the answers right.

1.   Which queen of France was also Countess of the Lauragais?
Catherine de Medici
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Marie Antoinette

2.   Which canal cuts the Lauragais neatly in two?
Canal Latéral de la Garonne
Canal du Midi
Canal de la Robine

3.   During the Albigensian Crusade of 1209-1229, which of the following battles did the Crusaders win?
Battle of Montgey 1211
Battle of Muret 1213
Battle of Baziège 1219

4.   Who burned a large part of the Lauragais during a chevauchée, or lightning raid, in 1355?
Bertrand du Guesclin
John of Gaunt
The Black Prince

5.   The finest mansions in Toulouse were built with the profits of a plant grown extensively in the Lauragais during the 15th and 16th centuries. What was its scientific name?
Indigofera tinctoria
Isatis tinctoria
Rubia tinctorum

6.   Before Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes in 1685. aspiring Protestant clergymen could study at one of six academies in France. Which town in the Lauragais was home to one of them?

For those of you who got all the answers right, we put your names into a hat, and then did a a blind draw…

…and the winner is…Maxine Grant

Congratulations Maxine, we will be in touch to find out where to send the book!