Arrested drunk steals police car and taunts police with the sirens


A drunkard was arrested in Tarbes on Saturday night.  He was driving under the influence of alcohol.  The police didn’t handcuff him, and the man took the opportunity to “have a bit of fun” as the police reported.

The man was in the back of the police car alone, and the police officers were parking the drunkard’s car.  The drunk man slipped into the driver’s seat, and not content with making his escape quietly, he put on the flashing lights and sirens.

He then taunted the police by insulting them via the megaphone.

He finished his short jaunt by crashing into parked cars.

His “bit of fun” is likely to cost him dearly.  Just after the incident he was taken into custody to sober up.  The police are likely to have the last laugh.

Source: Midi Libre