Artist Bibi makes a statement in Sète


Artist Bibi has an exhibition in Sète.  His message?  He’s denouncing the plastic pollution in the sea.

Every minute, a million bottles of water are sold worldwide, and that’s not good news for the fish, as many of the bottles end up in the ocean.

Artist Bibi is exposing his ‘mutant creatures’ at the Musée de la Mer, in Sète until the end of May.

Fabrice Cahoreau, aka Bibi, is known for his works made from recycled plastics, and he has exhibited from Shanghai to Sydney via Singapore and Moscow.  This time Bibi is offering visitors a real environmental reflection.

“In 1950, 2 million tons of plastic were produced on the planet. […] Today, we are at 350 million tonnes a year, which means we can not recycle it.”

Inside these symbols of our consumer society, Bibi inserted skeletons of fish from the Mediterranean, giving birth to a new species: piscis lagoena, the bottle fish!

Bibi likes to work with this indestructible medium.  This former orthopedist admits his perverse relationship with plastic, but at the same time, this lover of the sea wants the plastic madness stopped.

“artists don’t preach, we invite questions”

Here he is in a video explaining his exhibition, and his hopes to raise questions about the issue.

Here is another video produced by France 3.