Baker couple protest charges with nude poster above their shop


An Hérault baker couple from Valras-Plage near Béziers have come up with an unusual way to protest about the taxes and charges for small businesses.

The couple have posed naked and they have put a two metre poster on the facade of their bakery, with the message  “À découvert” et “Tu m’as vue quand t’abuses”.

The Moretti couple have lived in Valras-Plage for years, and they can’t take the burden of the troubles faced by small traders any more.

So they decided to follow the movement launched by Yann and Mathilde Malet who own a cafe/tabac in the town of Outreau in the Hauts-de-France.

“Battered by charges imposed by the policy implemented by the state, we decided to expose ourselves in the simplest way to challenge the way small traders are treated,” Mickaël Moretti said.  “Lowering my trousers so as not to lower the final curtain” is one of their last resort, he warns. “Buying bread at a bakers, vegetables at a local farm … allows small businesses to stay solvent.

“We are an endangered species”, he concluded.

Source: Midi Libre, France Bleu