Beaches – the dos and the don’ts


Ascension weekend is here, and the local authorities are worried that everyone will flock to the beaches.

If you have a beach less than 100km away, then you might want to know what the rules are.  You can travel up to 100km from your home without an attestation, but if it’s any further than that, then you must have a valid reason to travel.

Many beaches opened after lock down, but some local mayors have decided to take the defensive action of closing them again, when the public did not follow the rules of ‘dynamic’ only.

The rules are that you are allowed to walk, run, or swim, but you are not permitted to do sedentary activities such as sunbathing, reading or picnics.   You must maintain a minimum distance of one metre from anyone else.

You are not supposed to be in a crowd, so many local authorities have set up patrol units to clear people, or even close the beaches if it gets too busy.  Groups of less than ten people may be allowed, but individual patrols may decide to move you away from the beach if it’s getting too crowded.

Generally, it is not obligatory to wear a mask other than on public transport.  However, some local rules may conflict with this rule, such as in Grau-du-Roi, Gard.  There are areas where entry is only permitted if you are wearing a face mask.