Béziers bar customer brandishes an axe


On Tuesday afternoon, a 27-year-old man was arrested by the police, after an incident with a waiter on the terrace at the brasserie Le Crital on the allées Paul-Riquet in Béziers.

The waiter presented the man with his bill for coffee, and the man became angry and refused to pay.  The customer launched himself at the waiter, and they started to fight.  He then chased the waiter into the brasserie, brandishing an axe which he had concealed in his sports bag.

The waiter managed to take refuge in the brasserie and locked the door, but the angry customer broke through, shot at the coffee machine with a gun, before fleeing.

Police were alerted immediately, and he was spotted via the city’s video surveillance cameras and arrested 100 metres further along the Paul-Riquet.  His family say that he suffers from severe psychological problems.

Source: Midi Libre