Blue is the colour, Languedoc is the place

Kiff Backhouse

The latest photo competition from the Languedoc Photography Group is the subject “Blue”.

First place goes to Kiff Backhouse for the stunning water scene, which I’m sure you’ll agree was a worthy winner.

Second place goes to Pam Smith for her sky photo reflected in water.  It sums up the Languedoc beautifully.

Pam Smith

We couldn’t stop there though.  There were so many beautiful photos, we decided to show some more over a certain number of votes.  So in no particular order, here are some more Blue contributions.

Sarah Reid
Siobhan Sheehy
Olga Grechkina
Carol Bagshaw
Pam Smith
Jane Doyle
Georges Dedieu
Mat Bergel
Dagmar Evan-Jones
Georges Dedieu – previous winner of favourite landscapes
Jacky Ingram

Thanks to everyone for submitting such great photos. If you want to take part in the next one, go to the Facebook group and ask to join. It’s run by the hard working Pam Smith.