Bone marrow donation wanted to save little Isaac


Baby Issac from Lattes is six months old, and he has been hospitalised, waiting for a compatible donor for bone marrow.

He is suffering from a rare genetic disease, and will be transferred to Paris in the hope of finding a donor.

Isaac is a beautiful baby “so smiling” described Clémence, his mother, showing the photos of his first weeks of life in a home full of love, in Lattes.

“He was such a happy child until he got ill.  He developed a fever, and became ‘grumpy'”.  Clémence, and her doctor partner, took him to hospital thinking it might be a virus, but it turned out to be a rare genetic disease.

“Our world collapsed”

A decision was taken on Sunday 28 July to hospitalise him and do more tests.  “That’s when our world collapsed” said his distraught mother.

Without waiting for all the test results, Isaac was placed under heavy treatment. Corticosteroids to stabilise his condition, and the first chemotherapy in a “very protected” unit, since his immune defences no longer protect him.  All this, while waiting for a transfer to the Necker Hospital in Paris.

A bone marrow transplant is essential, but so far they haven’t been able to find a suitable donor.  The parents are only 50% compatible, which means a very high risk of rejection.

The search has gone international.  Here is the link:

Clémence is urging anyone who wants to, to register for bone marrow donation.  “Even if it doesn’t help Isaac, it could help another child somewhere.”

Source: Midi Libre