Book quiz part nine


Welcome to the penultimate quiz. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the answers last week. You can still participate, so keep the answers coming in! Click here for the previous quiz. This week the theme is “ Utopias and Dystopias ”.

• Q9.1 – The word, ”Utopia”, as well as the concept was an invention of: A) Desidererius Erasmus; B) Thomas Becket; C) Thomas More.

• Q9.2 – A new language is being adopted in a well-known satirical, dystopian novel. Which language was it? A) Esperanto; B) Newspeak; C) Star Talk.

• Q9.3 – Caliban, a degraded, bestial man, figures in a play about an enchanted isle. Can you give the name of the play and the playwright?

• Q9.4 – Which famous Canadian author has written fictional “it-could-happen” dystopias? A) Mordecai Richler; B) Alice Munroe; C) Margaret Atwood.

• Q9.5 – In a George Orwell novel about an idealised soviet-style paradise, some creatures come out on top. What are those creatures? What is the title of the novel?

• Q9.6 – Which of the following is not a ministry in “1984”? A) Ministry of Peace; B) Ministry of Plenty; C) Ministry of Love; D) Ministry of Order.

• Q7.7 – In which dystopian novel do you learn that : “Winning will make you famous. Losing means certain death”.

• Q9.8 – In Orwell’s 1984 there are 3 slogans, the first is WAR IS PEACE, can you name one other?

• Q9.9 – Which book opens with the main character coming home to find his wife has overdosed?

Write in with the answers. You never know, there might be a prize at the end of the quiz!

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Next week’s final quiz is all about Letters and Diaries.