Book winner results!

The winner of Passion for Provence is...

Thanks to everyone who participated in the quiz to win a signed copy of Passion for Provence by Gayle Smith Padgett.

Nine participants got 100%, so we did a draw, and the winner’s name was pulled out of the hat.

The lucky winner is Henrik from Serignan, Hérault!

Gayle said,

Congratulations Henrik – I hope you thorougly enjoy Passion for Provence. I’d love to hear your reaction. Here’s to living life ‘out to lunch!’  All the best, Gayle.

Congratulations Henrik, from the team at Languedoc Living.  The book will be on its way to you tomorrow.

Hard luck for all those who took part but didn’t win.  Sorry, there can only be one winner.  There will be other opportunities to win signed books in the near future, but in the meantime if you want to buy a copy of Gayle’s book, you can find it on Amazon, and Lebookshop in Montpellier is stocking it.  Gayle’s website is

For the record, here are the answers:

The Quiz

  1.  What Nobel Prize winner’s poem inspired Charles Gounod’s opera, Mireille?
    Frederic Mistral
  2. In which Aix-en-Provence quartier stands the Fontaine de Quatre Dauphins?
    The Mazarin Quarter
  3. What Roman colony was the Pont du Gard built to carry water to?
    The Roman Colony of Nemausus (Nîmes)
  4. What prominent French artist will be a century old on Christmas Eve 2019?
    Pierre Soulages
  5. As of 1 January 2016, what city in Occitanie has the largest population?
  6. Name the French engineer and British architect who designed the Millau Viaduct.
    French engineer: Michel Virlogeux
    British architect: Norman Foster
  7. What’s the life span of the cicada?
    Well this one caused a bit of controversy!  We were going to accept:
    Some species can live for up to 17 years but provençal cicadas live for four years, all but a few weeks of which are spent underground in the form of grubs, but in the end we discounted this question.As quiz participant Claudia said “That question is much too general to be answered with just one number [I’m a biologist😎] There are 16 cicada species in Provence alone. The best-known is Lyristes [or Tibicen] plebejus, Cicadidae, la Grande Cigale Commune. The larvae live underground for 4 years before the nymph emerges. The imago lives only a few weeks.”Henrik said “For one specie is the answer 2-5 years and another it is 13-17 years. But I believe that 13-17 is for a NorthAmerican specie so if you you want ONE answer it should be 2-5 years.”

    Others also commented on the confusion about the right answer.

    So for the sake of fairness, we removed this question when we calculated who won.

  8. Name the ville jumelle (sister city) of Heidelberg, Germany.
  9. In what year was the AOC (appellation d’origine contrôlée) label given to Haute-Provence Lavender Essential Oil?
  10. Who is the most famous native son of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence?
    Michel de Nostradame- Nostradamus

We hope you enjoyed the quiz, and thanks for joining in the fun!