Breathalyser car kits officially scrapped


A 2013 law to introduce the mandatory carrying of breathalyser kits in cars has now officially been scrapped.

The bill was passed by MPs this week.

The application of the law was flawed from the start, as former president François Hollande scrapped the planned €11 fines for not carrying a breathalyser.  Officially drivers were supposed to carry the kit, but police were only allowed to remind drivers if they were found not to be carrying them.

The law was also widely discredited after it was reported that a lobbyist who had called for its mandatory introduction was an executive at a company that manufactured the testing kits.  Family links to former President Sarkozy were also rumoured.

The current drink-drive limit in France is a maximum of 0.5g of alcohol per litre of blood and corresponds to 0.25mg per litre of breath. From 0.25mg/l, drivers risk having their licence suspended and a €135 fine.

When over 0.40mg/l, the driver has to go to court and can face a €4,500 fine and two years in prison.

Source: The Connexion, Midi Libre