Brexit jam loos arrive on French motorway

France 3 reported on the portable loos that have sprung up

Portable toilets have been set up along the A16 motorway between Calais and Dunkerque due to the jams caused by customs worker protests and in anticipation of more after Brexit, French media report.

France 3, among other French news sources, says travellers on the motorway have been surprised in recent days to see around 20 toilets spring up along the roadside, aimed at helping lorry drivers and other road users stuck in jams.

The risk of jams after Brexit has notably been highlighted in recent weeks because of industrial action by customs workers – still ongoing – who have been applying a strict work-to-rule policy as a protest against what they see as insufficient funding of the sector by the French government.

Roads officials told local radio station Radio6: “The different state services have been getting organised to manage the risk of traffic jams as well as possible.

“The size of the jams will depend on how well haulage companies can anticipate the need for customs formalities.

“As always happens when people are obliged to change their habits, there will no doubt be a certain period needed for road users to adapt their behaviour when making cross-channel journeys.”

Source: The Connexion