British storm Calais for cheep booze before Friday

British number plates have become an increasing sight in the supermarkets of cut-price alcohol stores in Calais as fears of a no-deal Brexit rise (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Wine and beer have been on the agenda for thousands of people making a quick dash from Britain to Calais this week, before a possible crash out of the EU on Friday.

Currently single market rules allow Britons to bring home 128 bottles of wine, 110 litres of beer and 10 litres of spirits tax free, as long as they are for personal use.

Under a no-deal Brexit, the rules are still unclear, but many in power warn single market allowances would be replaced by existing rules for duty free goods from outside the EU.

This means just six bottles of wine, 16 litres of beer and one litre of spirits will be allowed into the UK for personal use.

Shops in Calais are reporting a massive spike in sales this week, as people panic buy.

Source: MetroUK