Bull escapes from feria in Vergèze


Two investigations have been opened after police were forced to shoot and kill a bull that had escaped its pen and ran into crowds, leaving six people injured, at a feria in Vergèze, Gard.

Shocking images and videos were shared of the bull attacking several people, and then of the poor animal shot by police.  We decided not to publish these images.

“We were so lucky, I saw the bull charge at several people”

“We were so lucky,” said one bystander.  “I heard a commotion, and naturally thought it was the anti-bull fighting protesters.  I saw the bull charge at several people.  There were close to 300 people in the food tent just yards away.  It could have been a lot worse.”

The animal was about to enter the bullring at the annual event, when it got out of its holding pen and charged into a crowd of people.

Feria organisers cancelled the rest of the day’s events – the final day of the féria du Rhôny – following the incident.

Two of the officers needed treatment after being thrown into the air ‘several times’ by the animal as they tried to bring it down, police said. “It took several shots to shoot it down and avoid carnage in the crowd,” a spokesman told news agency AFP following the incident.

Police were already on the scene as they had recently been in the area monitoring an anti-bullfighting demonstration.

Investigations have been opened into the chain of events that led to the animal escaping, and the police use of weapons.

Source: The Connexion, Twitter, Youtube