CSF-Languedoc coronavirus actions update                              


In the current circumstances, it is important that people are informed and reassured that appropriate actions have been, and continue to be, taken in response to the Coronavirus.

Cancer Support France-Languedoc wants to share an update on the actions it has taken, or with which it has been involved.

By Cancer Support France-Languedoc

Our initial response to the epidemic was for our Council to determine how best to minimise risks to volunteers and clients, while maintaining essential support.  In doing this, we have responded to national guidance and to local health service guidance. Our role in providing practical and emotional support to Anglophones in the Herault and Aveyron touched by cancer makes risk management our highest priority, and we will continue to constantly review and update our responses as the situation evolves.

CSF-L Hospital work

Last week, the CHU and ICM hospitals in Montpellier asked all volunteers not to attend anything on site. This is not because there is danger in attending the hospital, but because an immediate risk management response from their point of view was to reduce footfall. However, anyone who has a medical appointment in these establishments should attend as planned unless there is a reason not to.

In response to the risk this may pose to our clients of not being fully informed at their appointments, we have reached an agreement at the highest level with these hospitals so that we are able to provide translation and support services by phone. Anyone who is affected should speak with their Active Listener, who will provide the appropriate information and guidance.

CSF-L Client contact

Also last week, we reduced face-to-face contact with clients and instead used phone, email, Skype, and Facetime etc. to continue to provide practical and emotional support to our clients.

With the most recent announcements regarding travel and social contacts, we will no longer hold any face-to-face sessions nor arrange any home therapy.

CSF-L-related Events and activities

Someone subsequently identified with Covid-19 attended the Clothes Sale in March run by a valued supporter. The same person attended our February Drop-In. Attendees were contacted and given appropriate guidance and the self-isolating periods relating to these events are now at an end.

Drop-In days for March and April have been cancelled.

All training planned for March and April has been cancelled and will be run at a later date.

There were several awareness-raising events planned for March and April. All have now been cancelled.

Further information

Helpline: 04 67 44 87 06 (voicemail with call-back within 24 hours)

Website: http://www.csf-languedoc.com/home