Cherchez L’Artiste – the secret art sale


This is an Art Sale with a difference.

The idea of a ‘secret’ art sale originated from the Royal College of Art in London which has held postcard sales for many years.  Contributing artists are asked to donate an original piece of art – all of the same dimensions, but to sign it only on the back.  This is intended to encourage buyers to choose with their eyes but also introduces an element of mystery, as many collectors like to challenge themselves to ‘spot the artist’.

Marjory Mulrooney

For many years Marjory Mulrooney from Pézenas been contributing to similar events in St Ives, Cornwall and elsewhere, and now she’s decided to set one up here in the Languedoc.  She told us, “I think it’s possibly the first time it has taken place here in this region,  perhaps even in France.

Marjory is raising funds for “Imagine for Margo“. This is an organisation which was set up in 2017 in memory of a young girl – Margaux,  who died of cancer at the age of 14,  which had not been diagnosed in time for intervention, highlighting the fact that cancer in children is a medical area which had not received the same research attention as cancer in adults.

This charity supports research into cancer in childhood and we very much hope that the generosity of so many artists will allow us to make a significant contribution to this cause which is providing such valuable support,” continued Marjory.

Over 70 local and international artists have donated works for this one day event.  All works are the same size and have only been signed on the back so that buyers are encouraged to buy with their eyes. Hence the title “Cherchez L’Artiste”.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to acquire unique artworks at a very affordable price and contribute to an extremely worthwhile charity.

We have received wonderful drawings, paintings, prints, collages……  from artists who are both local and international,  many with major reputations in the Art world. So…..  it’s a great chance to acquire a  work made by a reputed artist for a very minimal price.  Each piece of Art will be on sale for €50 and all the money raised will go to “Imagine for Margo”.

Come along on Friday 27th September to Hôtel Flottes de Sébazan in Place Gambetta,  Pezenas.  The sale will start at 6pm although the Art will be on view all day from 10am.  Deborah and Peter Core of Mas Gabriel, Caux have kindly offered to provide wine tastings during the evening. Tell all your friends and help Marjory make a difference!

More details of the event are here and here.

Friday 27 September
Open for viewing 10:00h – 18:00h
Sale begins 18:00h
Closes 21:30h

Contributing artists are:

Jane Appleton
Alex McCormick
Stephen Morris
Nicholas Poullis
George Willet
Jenny Curra
Bo Stephens
Jean- Pierre Loeffler
Karen Garcia
Gerard Garcia
Diana White
John White
Krasimira Woolley
Joanna du Bedat
Henny Ebben
John Platings
Derek Corke
Peter Wheeler
Barbara Heffernan
Nicola Russell
Aude Jonquere d’Oriola
Marie-Christine Marty
Miranda Halsby
Julian Halsby
Andy Bridge
Pascale Bridge
Jennifer Griffith
David Crosson
Emmanuelle Jamme
Marjory Mulrooney
Berenice Mollet
Thomasina Sawyer
Peter  Glynn-Smith
Ed Jenkins
Margot  Paris
Catherine Pergay
Charles Cullen
Michael Ozouf
Jean Viennet
Jean Menard
Monta Radvilaviča
Nicholas Kay
Dominique Caby
Peter Maher
Carita Savolainen
Ludovic Vesseaux
Victoria Arney
Rouxanne Bredenkamp
Roselyne  Baron
Eamonn  Robbins
Mathilde Molloway
Sarah Risley
Nick Talbot
Simon Fletcher
Emmanual Flipo
Tony Gaunt
Rebecca Holtom
David Latham
Thea Sieger-Girard
Bo Markenholm
Véronique Born vé
Gerd  Mairandres
Erzsi Lyne de Ver
Simon Roberts