Cold blooded execution in Sète


On Friday, a 25 year old man called Ayoub A. was murdered in Sète.

The victim, who was known to the police for drug trafficking, was in his car at 9:30pm on Friday in the Ile-de-Thau district, when two men approached his vehicle.  After an altercation, both men opened fire on the driver with automatic pistols. More than a dozen bullets of different calibers were found on the spot by the police.

On Sunday, one of the two suspected gunmen surrendered to the police.  The police say that the cold execution was carried out by professionals.

The homicide was filmed by residents of a nearby building. They then released the video to social media, but it has since been taken down.  The film shows two individuals approach the car and fire several times, then run away.

Source: France 3