Conference to explore EU’s future and Britons’ rights


Speakers from across Europe will explore the future of European democracy at a one-day conference in Toulouse this month – looking at Brexit impacts on Britons in France as well as the big picture for Europe in the world.

The event will cover practical matters such as Britons’ human rights after Brexit, the UK’s 15-year rule and whether the UK should have overseas constituencies with dedicated MPs as France does for its citizens abroad.

It will also range across the EU’s future and possible reforms in areas such as elections, the role of MEPs, how to combat xenophobia and develop cross-national alliances… as well as exploring Europe’s future role in a globalised world in areas like security and defence, the environment and technology.

The conference is organised by LibDems in France and the ALDE European political party with support from other European liberal democrat parties, however the organisers say people of all political views are welcome.

LibDems in France chairman Paul Fisher said: “It is an exciting opportunity for the LibDems in France to address the challenges facing Britons in Europe in a post-Brexit era. I look forward to thought-provoking discussions and constructive solutions.”

Building pan-European understanding is the underlying theme, he added.

The conference is all day from 8.30 to 17.30 and costs €25. The sessions will be in English and French.

For more information and to register click here.

Source: The Connexion