Confinement could last until the end of May


Emmanuel Macron will be making a public announcement on Monday about coronavirus and the extension of the confinement.

The current period is due to end on 15 April, although it has already been annouced that it will definitely be extended.  At 8pm on Monday, Macron will talk live on television, to present his decisions regarding the fight against the pandemic. He will also fix the duration of the confinement.  According to Le Canard Enchaîné, it could last until mid-May or even the end of May.

The Scientific Council has already prepared the ground. “Containment must continue for several weeks from now. With the current state of knowledge, we can begin to discuss a strategy for what will happen in post-containment, but the pursuit of “strict confinement is essential,” declared Jean-François Delfraissy, the president of the Council, this week.

Several European countries announced recently that they were going to relax their rules.  For example Austria plans to reopen all small businesses by 14 April, while children in Denmark will be able to return to school from 16 April.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said during questions to the government in the National Assembly on Tuesday, that confinement could continue during the month of June.

Far from strictly health issues, Emmanuel Macron could also lift the veil on the calendar for the second round of municipal elections, scheduled for the end of June. The hypothesis of a postponement to October has circulated in recent days.

Source: Midi Libre