Cooking asparagus – top tips (pardon the pun)


The asparagus season is well under way now. You can chose between plump green stems, thin delicate stems, and the proud ramrod-straight white ones. We’ve got some cooking tips here, which help to preserve the delicate taste and the vivid colours.

Cooking asparagus 

Green Asparagus:

If they are not too thick, there is no need to peel them, just cut the extremity so that you are left with the tip and 15cm of asparagus.

Clean them in cold water.

Boil water with salt, add the asparagus and keep boiling until tender but still crunchy.

Take them out carefully, and shock them in ice water until fully cold. It will fix the green colour. Serve them like this with the sauce of your choice.

White Asparagus:

Peel them, twice if they are very thick. Cut the extremity.

Clean them under cold water.

Cook them in boiling salty water until fully cooked. Remove & reserve them on a tray and let them cool down like this (not in an ice bath or they will absorb the water). Serve them with the sauce of your choice, cold or warm.

Wine pairing for asparagus 

Asparagus and other bitter vegetables or herbs are a sommelier’s nightmare, but one tip for wine pairing with asparagus is to match bitterness with bitterness. A good example would be the Domaine de Malaga, Cuvée Charme: It is a blend of chardonnay, muscat, and roussane. Roussane brings bitterness, while chardonnay holds the acidity, and muscat, adds the fruity notes to the wine.

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