Cool Hand Luke prisoner still on the run

Photo Midi Libre

Gilles Lepage is the prisoner who managed to escape the clutches of three guards when he was being transported from Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone prison in Hérault to a court in Alès, Gard.

Around one hundred police officers and helicopters are still looking for him.

Not wishing to turn this into a comedy, although that’s quite hard, the prisoner complained of stomach cramps, and asked for a confort stop on the DR6110.  The guards kept him handcuffed, but removed the chains and let him out of the van so that he could relieve himself.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, he legged it.

By the time the guards realised that he had started running, they couldn’t catch him.  The guards are now saying that had they been equipped with guns or lasers, they could have prevented him from escaping.

Perhaps more to the point, they should have watched Cool Hand Luke before taking on the job.  For those of you who haven’t seen the film, here’s the crucial scene:

According to the police, the escapee is a 35 year old bearded man, 1m 70cm, blond, with blue eyes, and was wearing a black tracksuit with orange stripes at the time of his escape.  Please call the police on 17 if you think you may have seen him.

He is wanted for fifty robberies in tobacco shops, mainly in Gard and Ardeche, but he is not known to be dangerous. [Unless you count losing your reputation as a guard in that league of course.  Ed]