Cycle path planned for avenue de Toulouse in Montpellier

Avenue de Toulouse in Montpellier is a cyclist's nightmare

A survey of 1,666 cyclists was carried out in Montpellier, to determine the views of safety and cycling in the city.

An overwhelming response came back that the avenue de Toulouse is by far the most dangerous place to ride a bike.

Plans for a cycle path to be introduced in 2020 have been put in place.

Currently, for cyclists, it is both difficult and dangerous to cycle on this road.  Once the lights go green, a “wave of cars” takes off at speed, and most cars exceed the 50km/h limit.

For bikes and scooters, venturing on this arterial road is taking a great risk. Some prefer the safety of the pavement … to the detriment of pedestrians.

The plan is to reduce the number of lanes for cars from two to one, between l’avenue de la Liberté and the Grand-M roundabout.  The extra space that this will create will be for the  introduction of cycle lanes.  A spokesperson from the city said that this will also reduce the speeding on the long straight expanse of 1,500m after the traffic lights, where the most speeding takes place.

Temporary development of the path is scheduled for February 2020, with final works taking place in subsequent years.  The long term plan is to create over 300km of cycle paths in the city.

The city is also creating a Low Emission Zone (ZFE) that will limit the access of the city centre to the most polluting vehicles, as part of the plan to combat pollution in the city centre.

Source: Midi Libre