Declaration forms mandatory if you step foot outside your home


Since the new restrictions have been put in place to deal with the spread of coronavirus, anyone leaving their home has to fill in a declaration form.

There are two forms – one for private individuals, and one for professionals on the move.

You can access the forms here, and you can either fill in the form online and print it, or print a blank copy and fill it in by hand.

If you can’t print the form, you need to handwrite a copy with all the details on it, in French, or take a photo of your online form or your handwritten one.

Anyone can be subjected to a check when outside – all roads, and pedestrian paths, and there are 100,000 police on duty to carry out these checks.

If you don’t have a declaration with you, you can have an immediate fine of €38, reaching €135 if you don’t pay it quickly.

Interior minister Christophe Castaner said: “The order is clear: ‘Stay at home’…Our objective is not to punish, but to call the responsibility of everyone…to show collective citizenship to overcome the crisis.”

He warned: “We do not want to punish, but if we need to, we will.”