Dog-friendly beaches in the region


Languedoc-Roussillon, with 214 km of coastline and wide sandy beaches, is not the best region in France to find a dog friendly beach.

The Gard department is the worst performer of the region. No beaches welcome our four-legged friends, not even the wild beach of the Espiguette that stretches for 18 km.

The Hérault department, famous for being the most family-oriented destination and the most popular in France, has also forgotten that some holidaymakers have dogs. Only 2 beaches welcome them (the first one in La Grande Motte and the second one in Balaruc les Bains, which is more a health resort; there is one in Portiragnes but it is prohibited since 2014, this part of the coast was purchased by the coast curator).

In the Aude department, one resort allow dogs on beaches. The resort of Leucatehas 3 beaches (in fact the beaches are not monitored).

The department of the Pyrenees Orientales offers a wider choice, but it is very local. The resort of Torreilles, especially, is the best performer with 2 dog friendly beaches. The choice is very limited on the beaches of Côte Vermeille.

Here are the details.


La Grande-Motte Beach

Address of the Grand Travers Beach : Av du Grand Travers 34280 La Grande-Motte

Grand Travers Beach in La Grande Motte is the easternmost seaside resort going toward Carnon in the neighborhood of Grand Travers. This beach is bigger than La Grande Motte and stretches along a bicycle lane.

Several accesses are available for the handicapped, and there is also a first-aid station with showers and toilets.

The parking lots in this zone are paying in the summer (4.50 euros for the day or 30 euros for 10 entrances). Different buses bring you to this beach as well. There are also several free parking lots.

As well as being pet-friendly, you can also kite surf here.

Portiragnes Beach

Address of the West Beach : Av de la Grande Maïre 34420 Portiragnes

Portiragnes’ West Beach extends along the nature reserve of “La Grande Maïre” amid two lakes (the Riviérette and Great Maïre) towards Sérignan. This large sandy beach is the most untamed of Portiragnes.

Since 2015, dogs are allowed on the area of beach after the sailing school (from the carpark, turn right, the area is after the containers) provided they are on a leash.

In the area near the parking and “Avenue de la Grande Maïre”, there is a sailing school, a private beach and you can enjoy water sports. There is also an area set aside for camping cars.


Coussoules Beach

Address of the Coussoules Beach : Grau de la Franqui 11370 Leucate

Leucate’s Coussoules Beach has about 8 km of sand, extending from Grau de la Franqui up to Port la Nouvelle. Close to the resort of Franqui, there is a paying carpark for camping-cars (6€ for 24hours) and a supervised beach area (densely populated during the summer season).

By deviating towards Port la Nouvelle (by foot), the beach becomes completely deserted up to Montilles Beach in Port la Nouvelle (free access to the latter). It is generally the area for sand-yachting and kite surfing. On the right, you have a beautiful view of Cap Leucate.

The beach is nice but can be very busy especially near the lifeguard station. However, it is the ideal place if you want to deviate and take advantage of a totally unspoilt non supervised beach. Dogs allowed after the kitesurfing area.

From the Franqui, this beach is well signposted, follow directions for Les Coussoules. Cross the lakes; parking is shown next to a campsite (as well as a camping car area).

Mouret Beach

Address of the Mouret Beach : D627 – Le Mouret 11370 Leucate

Leucate’s Mouret Beach is located between the “Grau de Leucate” (left bank) and Galion beach. This is the most unspoilt beach with a natural, beautiful, preserved environment.

It is far from the busy beach resorts, ideal to relax away from the noise. Nevertheless, there are some beach huts (restaurants, rental of beach equipment and sea kayaking).

On the left, there is a beautiful view of Leucate and to the right you can see the holiday villages of Port-Leucate. Ideal for those seeking peace and quiet.

Access to this beach from Port-Leucate is via D627. After the Grau de Leucate (oyster parks), turn right and then immediately on the right. After 200 meters, turn left (dirt road), there is free parking at the beach.

Aqualand Beach

Address of the Aqualand Beach : Av du Roussillon 11370 Port-Leucate

At the limit with the beaches of Port Barcarès, Aqualand Beach of Port-Leucate is located south of the resort. This beach does not have a lifeguard station and is therefore non supervised. The environment is preserved with small dunes that provide shelter from noise. Dogs are allowed on this beach. There are also several private beaches and it is possible to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing.

To get to this beach from the centre of Port-Leucate, take avenue de Septimanie towards Barcarès and then follow the signs to the water park on Avenue du Roussillon. The beach is in front of the Casino. There are parking spaces along the road side.

Pyrenees Orientales

Marenda Beach, Argelès-sur-Mer

Address of the Marenda Beach : Bd de la Mer 66700 Argelès-sur-Mer

Marenda Beach in Argelès-sur-Mer is located to the north of the city. It extends to Saint Cyprien Plage, bordering the natural reserve Mas Larrieu. The northernmost zone is the more wild area with small dunes that bring a certain charm (but you’ll have to walk to get here – the parking lot of Marende is the closest). Note that this part of the beach allows dogs on a leash. The southern zone resembles the beaches of downtown. There is a fist-aid station near the camping ground.

You can get to the south part of the beach from the parking lot on Boulevard de la Mer. To get to the northern part, use the parking lot that can be found on Route du Littoral near a leisure centre.

Racou Beach, Argelès-sur-Mer

Address of the Racou Beach : Le Racou 66700 Argelès-sur-Mer

Racou Beach in Argelès-sur-Mer marks the limit with the large beaches of Languedoc-Roussillon and the little creeks of the Cote Vermeille. This beach is less frequented than those of downtown. There is a sailing centre and a beach volleyball court along with a few sea shops here. On the left is the harbour and on the right is a rocky coast with little creeks. In the summer, this beach has a lifeguard.

To get here from downtown Argelès-sur-Mer, follow directions for the harbor (port), then take Avenue d’Avinguda de la Torre d’en Sorra. There is a large free parking lot on the left. Several shops can be found in the main street of the Racou neighborhood near the beach.

Lido Beach, Canet-en-Roussillon

Address of the Lido Beach : D81A 66140 Canet-en-Roussillon

Lido Beach is located at the exit of Canet en Roussillon near the thalassotherapy centre and at the entrance of St Cyprien-Plage. It is the largest beach in Canet (about 1.5 kilometers long and 100 meters wide). The environment is wild even if the route is close.

Attention: this beach does not have a lifeguard, so swimming is at your own risk. To the extreme south, near the bridge, there is an area reserved for kitesurfing. To the north is a zone reserved for windsurfing.

From Canet, take the Voie des Flamants Roses. When you get to the seafront on the route de St Cyprien, you will find parking places along the beach.

Bocal de Tech Beach, Elne

Address of the Bocal de Tech Beach : Bocal de Tech 66200 Elne

Bocal du Tech Beach is located in Elne and extends over 700 meters between the beaches Sud in St Cyprien and Bocal and Nord in Argelès. This large sand beach (with gravel edges) is separated into two zones. To the left of the first-aid station – near St Cyprien is familial and not nudist. The part to the right of the first-aid station – near Argelès is exclusively nude.

The global environment of this beach is very preserved with no nearby construction. It is without a doubt one of the most preserved in the department.
To get here take D81 toward St Cyprien/Argelès. At the roundabout south of St Cyprien, take a left toward Bocal de Tech. The parking lot is located at the end of this road (about 1.5 km).

Sud Beach, Torreilles

Address of the Sud Beach : Plage Sud 66440 Torreilles

Sud Beach in Torreilles extends over several hundred meters toward Sainte-Marie to the mouth of the Bourdigoul. This sand beach is divided into two zones near the first-aid station. The right part is reserved for nudists and the left part is familial (non nudist).

These two zones have lifeguards in the summer. We find two private beaches on each side of the first-aid station and dogs held on a leash are allowed.

To get here, at the big roundabout (intersection between Barcarès, Canet and Torreilles-Village), take the right toward downtown Torreilles-Plage then take the first road on the right (pass in front of a camping ground). After 400 meters take a left (sign indicates Sud Beach and the private beaches). There is a free parking lot at the end of the street.

This is one of the most beautiful wild beaches in the department Pyrenees-Orientales.

Nord Beach, Torreilles

Address of the Nord Beach : Plage Nord 66440 Torreilles

Nord Beach in Torreilles is the most wild beach in the area. It is divided into three zones. The part closest to the river, Agly, allows dogs held on a leash. There is a restaurant here. The zone to the left of the first-aid station is reserved for light dinghies and windsurfing (swimming is prohibited). To the right of the first-aid station the beach is reserved for swimming (dogs are not allowed). Near the first-aid station there is a handicap accessible area.

To get here from Torreilles, cross Torreilles-Plage then take a left toward plage-nord.

Follow the dirt path for about 1.5 kilometers (pass in front of a bunker). There is a parking lot here. At the end of the path, near Agly River, there is a second parking lot (with a zone for camping cars).