Domaine de la Senche,  2018 Minervois Rosé, Loti


Domaine de la Senche,  2018 Minervois Rosé, Loti – 7.50€

Guy Crawford had always wanted to make wine and finally, after a very successful career in the hotel industry, bought vineyards in the Minervois village of La Livinière, as well as an old cellar and house that were in desperate need of renovation.  

He now has nearly 5 hectares of vines in numerous small plots around the village.  Loti, which refers to his wife, Liz, stands for Lady from the Isles, as she was born on the Scottish island of Burra.  

The wine is a blend of Syrah and Cinsaut, and pale pink in colour.  The nose is  delicate, with notes of dry raspberries and the palate has some refreshing fruit.   It is more a rosé d’apéritif or for an entrée than a main course.  

Guy also produces three different red Minervois and a white wine.

Domaine de la Senche,
12 route des Meulières,
La Liviniere 34210

By Rosemary George