Domaine de Pennautier, Pays d’Oc 1620 Pinot Noir


Domaine de Pennautier, 2016 Pays d’Oc 1620 Pinot Noir – 7.75€

There are few parts of the Languedoc that produce good Pinot Noir, but the vineyards near Carcassonne such as Limoux and Cabardès are an exception, with cooler conditions than the rest of the Languedoc, so that this capricious grape variety works well there.

Château de Pennautier is an old historic property, with origins going back to 1620, hence the name of the cuvée. As for the wine, it has good varietal character with a fresh ripeness, balancing acidity and a streak of tannin, with a supple finish.

Incidentally French wine law forbids an IGP or vin de pays to come from a château, hence Domaine de Pennautier, whereas all the estate’s appellation wines from Cabardès are produced by Château de Pennautier. The estate is well worth a visit for the winery restaurant, La Table du Château.

Château de Pennautier,
11610 Pennautier.