Domaine la Croix Chaptal, rosé, Aramon


Domaine la Croix Chaptal, rosé, Aramon, Vin de France – 7.00

Charles Walter Pacaud is working hard to save Clairette Rose, a traditional Languedoc grape variety that is in danger of disappearing, and not content with that, he is now turning his attention to another forgotten and originally much despised variety, Aramon.

He has some 80-year-old vines on his estate and is making both a red and a rosé.  I enjoyed the rosé, finding it fresh and simple with light, refreshing fruit and a nice balance of acidity.

Domaine la Croix Chaptal,
Hameau de Cambous,
34725 St André der Sangonis.

Tel 04 67 16 09 36

By Rosemary George.  You can read reviews of Languedoc wines from Rosemary in our wine section here, and in her blog here.