Drinking water brought in by tanker to communes

4,000 residents in seven communes are having water tankered in as drought worsens

Inhabitants in the Aubazines district (Bort-les-Orgues), Sarroux-Saint-Julien-près-Bort, Saint-Bonnet-près-Bort, Saint-Victour, Margerides, Monestier-Port-Dieu, Thalamy and Veyrières, in the Corrèze department have had water brought in by tanker since Sunday, after supplies ran too low for the existing network to supply them.

Veolia, which manages this water network, had earlier issued a warning to residents to be vigilant with water use, France Bleu Limousin reported.

A total of 192 water restriction orders are in place, in 86 departments across France, according to the government’s Propluvia website.

Source: The Connexion