Driver who lost trailer only noticed 90km later


A driver who lost a trailer carrying three motorbikes on a motorway did not realise it had come unhitched, until the gendarmerie alerted them a further 90km down the road.

The trailer was carrying three motorbikes.

The driver on the A65 last week did not notice the trailer had gone until the Gendarmerie des Landes alerted them to the problem a full 90km later, and requested that the driver return to collect it.

After detaching, the trailer reportedly came to a stop in the middle of a high-speed lane.

Fortunately, no accidents were reported and no-one was hurt as a result, and the trailer was later moved to a safe place by a breakdown lorry, from which the driver later collected it.

The motorbikes had been properly mounted, but the trailer itself had not been correctly fixed to the towing car, the report said.

Posting about the incident on Facebook, the gendarmerie warned: “Some advice: Check the state of your trailers, caravans and other things attached [to your vehicle] before taking to the road!”.

Source: The Connexion