Drought: how to limit water consumption?


Small daily gestures towards saving water could make all the difference to the water drought, says Guillaume Choisy, general manager of the water agency Adour-Garonne.

Here are the things you could do without impacting greatly on your general comfort.

  1. Don’t let the water run while you are brushing your teeth.
  2. If your hands need washing after working in the garden or the garage, wet your hands, turn the water off, soap up and then rinse.  If everyone saved a few seconds like this, it could make a huge difference.
  3. Take a shower rather than a bath.
  4. Dishwashers use less water than washing by hand, provided they are full.  Don’t wash half-loads, wait until the machine is full.
  5. Wash your vegetables and fruit over a bowl, and save that water for your garden.
  6. Don’t clean your car.
  7. If you are allowed to water your garden, then make sure you do it before 10am or after 6pm.
  8. Put mulch around your plants, that helps to keep the morning dew and protects from the sun’s strongest rays.

These small steps could mean the difference between an orange alert and a red alert in your department.

What does a red alert mean?

A red alert indicates a stoppage of all non-priority use of water, with only water used for urgent healthcare, drinking, or national security permitted, such as fire fighters.  So no water for your garden, topping up your swimming pool, washing cars or decks.

According to the Adour-Garonne Water Agency, private consumption accounts for one third of the water consumption of the Occitanie region, or 750 million m3 per year, out of the 2.4 billion m3 used by the region each year. Generally water levels have dropped to a worrying low point in Occitanie this year.

If we all act together, we can make a difference.

Source: France 3