Drug smuggler in Montpellier caught full of coke


Over 2kg of cocaine were seized and six people arrested including two Guyanese smugglers, a supplier and a suspected local dealer.

Smugglers take huge risks on behalf of international traffickers: that of dying if cocaine capsules in their stomachs open or go to jail if they get caught.

Back in June, police ran a sting operation against a young Montpellier suspected of engaging in trafficking cocaine. During the crackdown in the Gambetta area six people were arrested including a dealer and the supplier who had contact with two “mules “.

During searches, 1.2 kg of white powder was found plus 900g in the belly of the smuggler. The 17 year-old who was taken into custody in hospital went on to “produce” more than seventy eggs of coke.

According to our information, the young Guyanese wanted to come to France where part of his family already live. But, he couldn’t afford the flight.

“He made a bad encounter in Suriname, a neighbouring country. He was offered an easy way to earn money and come here,” says an unnamed source. So he ingested all these white powder canisters of high purity cocaine packaged in plastic and tape”.

“The amounts ingested are huge but mainly concerned the process: it is the exploitation of human misery, he is a modern day slave,” responds Mr. Mendel, his lawyer.